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Spring Poisons and what to look out for!

Spring is a beautiful time of year but with the new season comes a few new hazards to be aware of:


Spring Cleaning - we all like a good spring clean but be careful with what products you use as some products can be toxic. Please keep all cleaning products out of reach of children and pets.


Gardening products - if you are an avid gardener, take care with the products you use especially slug bait as this is highly poisonous!


Plants - All 'bulb' plants are toxic to animals - e.g Daffodils. With that a very common flower seen in bouquets are lillies and these are highly toxic to cats!


Microchip - With the sun coming out, we are all more active outside and so are our pets. This increases the risk of our pets getting lost and wondering off. Please make sure your pet is microchipped, if you are unsure please contact us.


Preventative treatment - Ticks are starting to come out of hibernation and they carry tick-borne disease that can be transmitted to your pets. Please contact the practice if you require any parasite control or want to know your pets status and if they are up to date.


For more information on common-poisons in animals please visit the below website:

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