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Our Very Important Pets Health Club



0-10kg -      £16.50 per month

10-25kg -    £18.50 per month

25-40kg  -   £22.50 per month

over 40kg - £31.50 per month

Reception cat


£16.50 per month

Cute Bunny


£9.50 per month

Here at Banstead Village Vets we believe that all pets should treated like a VIP!

Our aim is to provide your pet with the highest standard of veterinary care with our VIP Health Club. The VIP Health Club has been designed so that your pet receives all of the essential vaccinations and parasite treatments that they need, plus a whole range of other additional health benefits to ensure they remain in the best possible health. With regular text or email reminders to help you manage your pets treatments.

The VIP Health Club is for preventative health care and not an insurance policy but is intended to sit alongside pet insurance policies that provide cover for any accidents, illnesses and medical or surgical treatment your pet may sustain or require.

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