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Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Our Amazing Team

Banstead Vet


Principal Veterinary Surgeon and Owner

Banstead Vet


Veterinary Surgeon

Qualifications: BVetMed MRCVS

What I enjoy most about my role: Getting to know my patients and always trying to do my best for their healthcare. I love it when a wagging tailed dog can't wait to get into the clinic or we get a special purr from a cat on the consult room table, and I very much enjoy fostering the bond between us, our patients and our clients. I am also very proud of the wonderful team of people we have built up over the years.

Interests: Surgery, Ophthalmology

Qualifications: BSc BVSc MRCVS VetGDP Adviser

What I enjoy most about my role: Improving the health of patients of all ages, from supporting our elderly patients with long term illness, to vaccinating our youngest patients! I love that every day is different, challenging and rewarding. I really appreciate working with a talented team who feel as strongly about patient welfare as I do.

Interests: Anaesthesia, Internal medicine and emergency care

Banstead Reception



Qualifications: Qualified Registered Veterinary Receptionist (RVR), gold level accredited veterinary receptionist award and Competent Veterinary Dispenser Award.

What I enjoy most about my role: getting to know our owners and their pets, and doing all I can to support our Vets and Nurses in giving the best possible care to our patients.

Interests: In growing my role and becoming qualified as a registered veterinary receptionist

Banstead receptionist




After studying Animal Care and Animal Management at college, Sarah then went on to gain experience in different sectors within the animal industry, including 3 years as a Veterinary Receptionist.

Interests: She has two rescue Roborovski hamsters at home named Arthur and Archimedes and the weirdest pets she has owned have been praying mantids!'

Banstead SVN


Receptionist & Veterinary Care Assistant

Qualifications: Qualified Veterinary Care Assistant (VCA). Silver & bronze level accredited veterinary receptionist award, Competent dispensing award, Fear free practice certificate.

What I enjoy most about my role: As a qualified Veterinary Care Assistant with 3 years' experience my role is to help the Vets and the Vet Nurses care for your animals. In my reception role I enjoy assisting clients with their questions and concerns. I enjoy learning from our vets and highly experienced nurses, expanding my knowledge with the aim of becoming a qualified Veterinary Nurse.

Interests: Desensitization clinics and courses in behavior. To enroll as a Student veterinary Nurse.

Banstead nurse


Head Veterinary Nurse and Receptionist

Qualifications: RVN

What I enjoy most about my role: Veterinary nursing, all aspects. I could not imagine myself in any other profession. I also enjoy aiding the professional developement and wellbeing of my nursing team. In fact, all the team. 

Interests: Theatre nursing and pain management



Veterinary Nurse

Qualifications: RVN C-SQP. Qualified Clinical Coach, Supervisor and Mentor

What I enjoy most about my role: I love that everyday in clinic is different! Being able to nurse inpatients and see poorly pets being reunited with owners is one of the best parts of my job. I also enjoy providing advice to clients during nurse consults and providing the best level of care through out for their pets. 

Interests: Medical Nursing, ECC and Nurse Consults. 

Banstead Student vet


Veterinary Student

Qualifications: Brazilian Veterinary Surgeon, completed her residency at a Veterinary Hospital with specialization in Small Animal General surgery.

What I enjoy most about my role: I love to be with all our furry patients, from the moment of their preoperative exam, during their surgery, until they recover from the procedure. It is so enjoyable to see their excitement when we reunite them with their owners after a long day! I am so happy when we are able to help improve our patient's quality of life and overcoming the challenges that some illness or injuries can bring.

Interests: Studying for my UK validation, surgery and orthopedics.

Banstead nurse


Veterinary Nurse and Practice Manager

Qualifications: DVN South Africa Qualified, RVN.

Dental certificate / Diabetes consultant certificate (CPD certified). 

What I enjoy most about my role: The ability to provide the best level of care for all patients that walk through our practice doors. Every day I am still learning how I can be a better nurse and learn new techniques on how I can be able to provide the best care to every patient. As nurses we are the bridge between clients and what they need to know about the care of their pets - educating clients about their pets and improving their care at home is one the best things we as nurses can do. 

Interests: Anaesthesia and ECC, Surgery (specialised), Medical nurse clinics

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