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Cute Kitten

Services available

In addition to our  20minute, expert Vet consultations.
We offer a wide range of other services, including:


Should your pet require long term medication we can provide repeat prescriptions. 

We do ask for at least 24 hours (1 working day) notice in order for the medications to be authorised, dispensed or a written prescription produced.


We stock a wide range of diets for dogs, cats and rabbits.  There is a huge amount of choice regarding pet food nowadays and every pet is different, so please speak to us if you would like help choosing a food for your pet or would like to order a specific diet. For more information on our loyalty rewards, speak to a member of our reception team.

Nurse Clinics

Nurse appointments are available daily

  • Puppy/Kitten clinic

  • Senior Pet Health clinicss

  • Dental health clinics

  • Arthritis management clinics

  • Weight management clinics

  • Post operative checks

  • Nail clips

  • Microchipping

and many more

Pet Travel

Our Vets are Official Veterinarians!

This enables our Vets to issue animal health certificates, allow you to travel aboard with your pet.

For more information, please speak to a member of our Team.

Our VIP members receive a 10% discount!

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