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Microchipping in Cats

New Legislation instated for all Cats to be microchipped – to be implicated by 10/6/24

Why is it important to microchip my cat?

  • Microchipping cats will help reunite thousands of lost/stray pets every year.

  • Unlike collars/ID tags, they will not come off and are safe and effective when administered.

Do I have to microchip my cat?

This is a new legislation that has been passed by the government, which will be enforced from the 10/6/24.

Any cat from 20 weeks of age should be microchipped and registered with an appropriate pet microchip data-case.

Any cat that is found and owned without a microchip; the owner will have 21days to rectify that, otherwise they will be fined £500.

What does microchipping my cat entail?

A microchip is a small implant, about the size of a grain of rice. This is administered by injecting the implant underneath the skin. The implant is generally placed in-between their shoulder blades, over their back. It is a large needle, but it is a very quick procedure, and no sedation is needed,

This implant has a unique code, that will be registered with your cats' details as well as your own.

How do I get my cat microchipped? You can contact the practice and we can book your cat in to see one of our Veterinary Nurses for a microchip implantation. At this appointment we will scan your pet to make sure they are not already microchipped. We will then confirm yours and your pets' details prior to implantation or to check all microchip details are up to date. When my cat is microchipped, then what? Once your pet is microchipped, all you need to do is make sure you keep your details updated with the microchip data-base they are registered with. We use a data-base called ‘Petlog’. They are easy to use and offer different services depending on the account you would like. (ie Basic/Premium) (see link below for more information) Links to more information Cat microchipping to be made mandatory - GOV.UK ( Petlog | Welcome to the Petlog website

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