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"Raising the Woof" Celebrating our Vets on World Veterinary Day

Today is World Veterinary Day and we would like to celebrate our two amazing Vets - Andy Downing and Amy Green. So here are some fun facts about them both!

Andy has always wanted to be a Vet since he was 4 or 5 years old which is rather a long time ago now as he will be qualified 29 years this year!

A fun fact about Andy is that whilst doing some veterinary work in Indonesia, he was chased through the jungle by a fully grown, irate male Orangutan who recognised the dart gun and decided that he didn’t want to be sedated!


Amy qualified from her Animal Science degree in 2014 and then went on to qualify as a vet in 2019.

Amy has been with us at Banstead Village Vets for nearly 5 years.

Some of you may remember Amy from when she came here for work experience prior to this, and she loved it so much that she hasn't left since.

A fun fact about Amy is that she is the proud owner of two pug rescues. When she's not at work she enjoys spending time with her pugs, family and friends and travelling to new exciting places.


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