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Protecting your pet from ticks!

Controlling ticks can be a challenge to say the least.

If your pet goes out and about frequently, they will be at risk of contact with these tiny, blood-sucking pests. Ticks multiply quickly and infestations can be a year round threat.

Tick bites can cause localised irritation and, if they are scratched off and the mouth parts left behind, abscesses can result.

Ticks can also spread diseases such as Lyme Disease, which can be transmitted to the pet's owner and family too. This causes flu-like symptoms on initial infection and, if left untreated, affects the heart and nervous system, as well as muscles and joints.

Make sure your pet has the tick protection they deserve by taking advantage of our special offer on Seresto collars. Simple to use and highly effective, Seresto collars kill fleas and ticks through contact and also have the added benefit of repelling ticks to help further reduce the risk of a bite.

From 20th March up until 31st May 2023 grab your pet's Seresto collar for 10% off, or 20% off if your pet is a VIP plan member!

Collars not for you? No worries, we have a variety of treatment options available such as Credelio tablets. Dosed monthly, just pop these palatable tablets in some food, to give your pet convenient and hassle free protection from fleas and ticks. Even better, Credelio is available under our VIP plan.

Pop in or drop us a line on for more information.

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