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Lord Byron Celebrates 100 weeks!

Some of you may remember Bryon, he was our Braveheart in December 2021. Byron was diagnosed with lymphoma in April 2020. He shortly after commenced chemotherapy and has continued to thrive since. Today we are celebrating Byron's 100th week on chemotherapy! Byron is very brave and comes to the clinic every month for blood testing and chemotherapy treatment. We test Byron's blood to make sure it is safe for us to give chemotherapy. Byron is a great candidate for chemotherapy, he continues to remain relaxed during his chemotherapy sessions, which involve an injection into the blood stream and a tablet given orally. Prior to his diagnosis, Byron had a reduced appetite and had lost 10% of his bodyweight. This prompted his owners to reach out to us to investigate and reach a diagnosis. Since beginning chemotherapy, Byron's life expectancy has been prolonged and he is flourishing. Congratulations Byron on 100 weeks!

Byron's owner kindly commented on his glowing success Byron came to us as a rescue in December 2019 and within a few months lost interest in food, lost weight and became lethargic. Although the practice was in lockdown Andy agreed to see and examine Byron and a diagnosis of lymphoma was confirmed. The tumour was inoperable, so a course of chemotherapy was started. We are so grateful to the team for giving Byron the best possible chance and to see him thriving and loving life once again.

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