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Our VIP (Very Important Pets!) Health Club is designed to spread the cost of routine pet health care and is intended to sit alongside Pet Insurance policies that provide cover for any accidents, illnesses and medical or surgical treatment your pet may sustain or require. Clients are able to access an immediate 10% discount on the cost of pet vaccination on joining the VIP Health Club. Thereafter, costs of all annual routine vaccinations, flea and worm treatment (all at at least 10% discount) are encompassed within a monthly direct debit payment. Furthermore, VIP health club clients are able to access a 10% discount on other routine pet care costs.

VIP Best Start for Puppies & Kittens

Save 10% on your full vaccination course, parasite control and microchip when you join our VIP Club and get the first month free! - It’s a great start to a life time of care.

And it’s so easy to join . . .

Just ask at reception - there is no joining fee or age restrictions and payment is by affordable and convenient direct debit.

All your pets’ essential care is included

  • Essential annual vaccinations with full veterinary health check
  • Year round flea and worm treatment as appropriate
  • Monthly nurse clinics for puppies until 6 months old
  • Flystrike prevention for rabbits
  • Nurse clinics (weight and mobility where appropriate)
  • Free blood pressure and urine concentration test at least once a year for cats over 8 and twice a year when over 15.

Save 10 % on the following

  • Supplementary vaccines (kennel cough and rabies)
  • PET passports
  • Other parasite control products e.g. serest collars/advantix
  • Booster/vaccine course at time of joining scheme
  • Routine neutering
  • Dental procedures (scale and polish and up to 2 extractions) when recommended
  • Microchips

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VIP (Very Important Pets!) Health Club
A great way to provide premium care for your pet and save money too!

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Sadie Hadley
Veterinary Surgeon Sadie graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 1999. She worked in mixed practice for three years in Hertfordshire and Wiltshire. In 2002 she moved to Surrey and worked in…

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