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10% off Seresto collars during Spring 2017 (March-May) 20% for VIPs!

Ticks are parasites that survive through attaching themselves to a passing dog or cat and feeding on the host’s blood. Ticks can be picked up in outside areas such as woodland and grassland, which is their favoured habitat.

Once attached, ticks can cause irritation, discomfort, and may potentially transmit Lyme disease. This is a bacterial infection that causes symptoms including lameness, fever, loss of appetite and meningitis. It can often be cured with antibiotics if diagnosed early enough. Lyme disease has zoonotic potential which means that it can also affect people.

Seresto is an innovative flea and tick collar, which is available from the surgery on prescription. Seresto acts as a tick repellent, as well as killing ticks.

These repelling and killing properties mean that most ticks do not get a chance to attach to your pet and take a blood meal. This anti-feeding effect means that Seresto reduces the risk of your dog or cat becoming infected with tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease.

Seresto also kills fleas as well as repelling ticks for up to 8 months in dogs and cats.

    Innovative collar matrix enables controlled continuous release of ingredients.

    Water resistant: no need to remove when your pet goes into water

    Reduces the risk of fleas and ticks spreading disease to your pet

Important safety information – In the unlikely event of a dog or cat becoming trapped by the collar, Seresto includes a double safety system. The pets own strength/wriggling is sufficient to widen the collar to allow for a quick release and there is also a pre-determined breaking point.

Now is a great time to buy a Seresto collar to provide protection for your pet for the rest of the year!

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10% off Seresto collars during Spring 2017 (March-May) 20% for VIPs!
Seresto collars protect and against fleas and ticks for up to 8 months

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